English Experience Day Camp - Citoyen

Come savor this outstanding experience, in which you will be exposed to the English language by participating in sport, art and science activities with our enthusiastic and bilingual counselors.

Learning English through exciting activities… It cannot get any better than that.

225 $

Weeks :


Special outing :

S1. Amusement Action Directe
S2. Clip'N Climb
S3. Biodôme & Jardin Botanique & Insectarium
S4. Arbraska
S5. Centre des Sciences & IMAX
S6. Super Aqua Club
S7. Les lapins crétins
S8. Acrosport Barani
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june 26 to 30july 3 to 7july 10 to 14july 17 to 21july 24 to 28july 31 to august 4august 7 to 11august 14 to 18