Curious Chemist - Letendre

English Experience Day Camp (EEDC) allows kids to live a 100% camp experience in a safe, fun and magical environnement. Click here for more informations about EEDC.

Learn new scientific tools and concepts by taking part in fascinating science activities and experiments such as chemical reactions, creating structures and taking part in friendly challenges. Different experiences will be experimented during the week:

Slime/ Volcano/ Tornado/ Density experiences/ Crystallize experiences/ Experiences with plants/ Tests/ Competitions/ And more … 

These experiences will help explaining scientific phenomena. Everything to satisfy your child’s curiosity.

 ** We intend to have outings this summer, it will all depend on the active public health safety measures. If we need to adapt, we will remove them and keep a safe environment as we did in the summer of 2021**

260 $

Weeks :

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
june 27 to july 1st july 4 to 8 july 11 to 15 july 18 to 22 july 25 to 29 august 1st to 5th august 8 to 12