Special measures related to COVID-19

To ensure the safety of children and staff, the following measures will be implemented:

  • Each child’s temperature will be taken upon their arrival to ensure everyone’s safety
  • Premises and groups will be reorganized to promote physical distancing
  • Daily schedules will be modified to make it easier to comply with health measures
  • Games and activities will respect physical distancing
  • Outdoor activities will be prioritized, with no sharing of equipment and no direct contact
  • There will be time reserved for hand-washing
  • All required hygiene equipment will be strategically placed
  • Equipment and premises will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently

Any child or staff member who has symptoms of COVID-19 or who lives with someone who has these symptoms will not be allowed to attend camp.


The government recognizes the importance of day camps for children’s development and believes that they have the resources to comply with the required public health measures.  Our team, determined to rise to the challenge, is redoubling its efforts to ensure that its operations will be safe and fun for the summer of 2022.

In summer 2022, our day camps’ offering will comply with the Public Health Agency’s guidelines, depending on the measures put in place:

Ensure that children stay two meters apart and organize the physical environment to ensure this physical distance is maintained for all individuals.

Hold activities outdoors and only use indoor spaces in case of rain, while respecting a maximum number of children per room to respect physical distancing guidelines.

Minimize direct and indirect contact between individuals, notably by doing activities and games that limit the sharing of non-disinfected equipment (balls, pencils, brushes, scissors, helmets, costumes, bows and arrows, etc.).

Apply strict hygiene measures that include the cleaning and sanitization of the premises, equipment, furniture, and sanitary facilities, and enforce personal hygiene routines such as designated handwashing times for children and staff.

Depending on the ongoing measure during the summer, we intend of going to the pool. In the case where the measure are more strict, we will adjust our activities as we did in the summer of 2021:

All travel by school bus and public transit will be prohibited this summer.

Therefore, there will be no outings outside of Laval or within the Laval area. All activities will take place on-site, and outdoors whenever possible.

In addition, each group will be assigned a different room for the week to avoid contact with the other groups.

  • All measures regarding that question will be decided when the summer comes. We intend to adapt to the public safety measures.

In accordance with the recommendations from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, camper groups will be organized according to the children’s age and selected program, the ACQ’s camper-counsellor ratios, and whether the child is in a specialized camp:

  • Ages 3–4: One counsellor for every eight children
  • Ages 5–6: One counsellor for every 10 children
  • Ages 7–8: One counsellor for every 12 children
  • Age 9 and over: One counsellor for 15 children

All camp counsellors, who have completed general training (i.e., at least 33 hours of theoretical learning and 35 hours of hands-on training) and a first-aid course, will also be required to complete mandatory training related to COVID-19 measures.

Our team is working hard to respect all public health guidelines and implement the necessary health measures to allow campers to fully enjoy their summer and make wonderful memories, in complete safety.

Furthermore, based on available evidence in Quebec, children (campers) and teens (counsellors) account for only a small percentage of cases (fewer than 5 percent), and seem unlikely to transmit the virus to their parents or to other children, which makes camp the ideal place for young people to quietly resume their summer habits.

A symptomatic child will be removed immediately from the group and taken to a room specifically designed for this purpose (hot zone). The parents will be contacted and asked to pick up their child immediately and go to a COVID-19 screening clinic. The child will only be allowed to return to camp if the test result is negative. If the test is positive, a call will be made to the regional Public Health Agency office, and they will take over the file.

Considering that the current situation is making summer plans especially complicated for many families, we have eased our modification policies to allow you to make changes (e.g., add extra days, switch dates or activities) at no charge until June 1.

As for cancellations, our standard policies apply. If your child or another family member in your household is diagnosed with COVID-19, we will reimburse you for the days they have missed upon presentation of a medical report.

Yes, the daycare service will be open to all children.  No registration is required.  The daycare service is included in the weekly camp fee.

The morning daycare will be held from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. The evening daycare service will be running from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

How it works:

Picking up and dropping off your child will work like a drop by.

Upon arrival, your child’s temperature will be taken in the car. They will then be escorted by a counsellor along a designated path to their group’s location.


When you pick up you child, a counsellor will check your ID, then retrieve your child and bring them directly to you. This allows us to limit contacts as much as possible and keep the camp safe.

Your child can bring a book or a toy to the daycare centre, but rest assured that individualized materials will always be supplied. The counsellor will also organize games that do not require any equipment and encourage social distancing.

Our team is fully prepared to work in these particular circumstances and adapt according to new public health regulations as we did in 2021.

Your child’s counsellor will call you on Sundays to explain the daycare’s procedures, and you will be notified by email if any changes need to be made.

Camp counsellors are encouraged to stay with the same group throughout the day to limit unnecessary contact with others.

Unfortunately, no. All campers must be in their appropriate age group to ensure that activities run smoothly and to promote good synergy.

Hot meals will not be available, and the microwaves will be off-limits. Parents must pack their children a cold lunch.

Children must also have a reusable water bottle since indoor drinking fountains will not be accessible. However, water pitchers will be available on the premises.